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Digital Imaging: Infusing Active Learning Throughout a Science Curriculum

A division-wide curriculum review just completed in the sciences at Wheaton College produced a shared goal of actively engaging all major and non-major students in the process of scientific inquiry. The use of digital imaging and image analysis spans all science disciplines at Wheaton, yet we lack a centralized computer or imaging facility for classes of students to participate together in this approach to discovery. This proposal would establish a digital imaging and data analysis center of networked computers and image acquisition equipment for use at all levels across the science curriculum. The facility is modeled on a successful one in Franklin and Marshall College's Biology Department (DUE #9750430), with whom we consulted, but is adapted for Wheaton's interconnected science departments. The proposal aims to (1) actively engage students in the process of scientific inquiry through digital imaging, (2) promote collaborative research between students through instant data exchange and projection, and (3) demonstrate the inter-relatedness of scientific disciplines by linking courses that share imaging as an experimental approach. To achieve these aims, during the funding period, faculty representing all science departments will transform courses resulting in more than 60% of the college student body utilizing the facility each year. Some of these courses will include cross-disciplinary joint laboratory exercises. We believe this project will positively impact student performance in science, student perceptions of science, and recruitment of students into science majors; and these outcomes will be assessed. Results of the project will be disseminated through workshops, poster presentations, publications, and Web sites.

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