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The following is a list of individuals who have completed the Ally 101 training and choose to sign the Safe Zone Agreement Form which indicates that they are:

  • comfortable with LGBTQ students approaching them to talk about LGBTQ related issues and
  • able to help students find campus or local resources.

These individuals also strive to:

  • model behaviors that are inclusive and be free of bias, heterosexist assumptions, and homophobic comments or remarks at all times.

Those with "(T)" following their name are individuals who have completed the Transgender 101 Training.

  • Class of 2013
    Abdul-Musawwir, Rasheeda
    Almazraawi, Damian
    Bautista, Yanet
    Boccia, Emily
    Castellar, Erika
    Charpentier, Margaux
    D'Adamo, Claudia
    Frazer, Randy
    Gordon, Heather (T)
    Gordon, Rebecca
    Grim, Barbara
    Kenneally, Kerry (T)
    Lahan, Hilary (T)
    Malone, Michael
    Nicholas, Shane (T)
    Osgood, Ashleigh
    Powell, Lindsay (T)
    Purnhagen, Amanda
    Van Akin, Michelle
    Watson, Alexandra
  • Class of 2014
    Cicchinelli, Nicolas (T)
    Deibold, Jillian
    Glennon, Abigail
    Hawkins, Caitlin
    Howard, Sophie
    Jaulin, Ava
    McGhee, Atiya
    Pereira, Courtney
    Peters, Laura Caroline
    Swalec, Emily
    Usedom, Blair
  • Class of 2015
    Bowen, Sara (T)
    Burrows, Griffin
    Erskine, Sarah
    Franke, Sara
    Fogarty, Margaret
    Giokas, "Roula" Spiridoula (T)
    Goncalves, Isabel
    Hammond, Samuel
    Hoang, Thao
    Hoar, Nichole
    Hurley, Dylan
    Iannitti, Bianca
    Lewis, Tanner (T)
    Moore, Robby (T)
    Morris, Cara
    O'Toole, Sonrisa
    Suarez, Rebecca
    Urciuoli, Benjamin (T)
  • Class of 2016
    Bardsley, Taylor (T)
    Best, Charlotte
    Cotton, Erin
    Couto, Kevin (T)
    D'Aguanno, Erik
    Deming, Grace
    Horan, Emily
    Kaczowski, Stephanie (T)
    Reynolds, Charles
    Rodriguez, Sharon (T)
    Prue, Amanda (T)
    Smiley, Linnea
    Solario, Kaitlyn
    Williams, Brandon
  • Faculty & Staff
    Ana O'Brien, Registrar's Office
    Andrea Holden, Student Activities
    Ann Sears, Music Dept
    Carina Cournoyer (T), Library and Information Services
    Courtney Newman, Student Financial Services
    Courtney Ruggles, Residential Life (T)
    Cynthia Maricle, Health & Wellness
    Denyse Wilhelm, Academic Advising (T)
    Elliot Brandow, Library
    Elizabeth Cronin, Art Dept.
    Erin Post, Biology Dept
    Hannah Benoit, Communications
    Jack Kuszaj, Dean of Students Office
    Jan Hancock, Dean of Students Office
    Jane Young, Biology Dept
    Jani Benoit, Chemistry Dept
    Jayne Tobin, Physical Plant
    Jennifer Heller, Student Financial Services
    Jessie Durand, Tech Support
    John Melkonian, Public Safety
    John Sutyak, Athletics
    Judith Razee, Kollett Center
    Kristen Turcotte, Conference & Events
    Laura Bohn, German Dept
    Louise Batten, Athletics
    Lynn Miller, Athletic Dept
    Marc Mangiacotti, Athletics
    Mark Hoesly, Filene Center
    Mary Beth Tierney-Tello, Hispanic Studies
    Mary Powers, Residence Life
    Melissa Nederostek, Allumni Office
    Montserrat Perez-Toribio, Hispanic Studies
    Nadia Omar (T), Student Activities
    Pat Santilli, Registrar's Office
    Patricia Rezendes, Alumnae/i Relations
    Patti Tessitore, Building Services
    Raquel Ramos, Marshall Center
    Rebecca Begley, Athletics
    Rebecca Pye, Student Activities
    Rosalyn Metz (T), Library and Information Services
    Sarah DeRis, Wallace Library
    Scott Gelber, Education Dept
    Scott Hamlin, Wallace Library
    Sheila Donahue, Donor Relations
    Skip Knox, Public Safety
    Susan Beard, Student Financial Services
    Susan McNary, Dean of Students Office
    Tim Harbold, Music Dept
    Tom Armstrong, Computer Science Department

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