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Ride Share

Utilize this page throughout the year to offer and/or ask for rides from fellow Wheaties.


  1. Log in to "Leave a Reply" with your Wheaton information on this web page
  2. Enter the following:
  • Offering A Ride: Write "OFFER" and your planned DATE, TIME and DESTINATION. Also include any requests such as non-smokers or expectations of shared gas costs.
  • Need A Ride: After checking the wall for ride offers, write "NEED" followed by the DATE, TIME and DESTINATION of your trip. Also include anything you'd be willing to contribute including gas costs.

3.  Click "Post Comment"

If you see a post you are interested in, contact the person via Wheaton email.

 Do NOT post phone numbers, emails, addresses or any other personal information as this is a public website.
Please allow 24 business hours for your post to show.

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