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21st Birthday

Congratulations on your 21st birthday!

Your 21st birthday is considered a final passage into adulthood. This birthday marks the final stage in taking responsibility in your overall health and well-being. More specifically, it’s now your choice whether or not to consume alcohol.

Around the nation, 65% of people who chose to drink on their 21st birthday take responsibility in their health and make good decisions about consuming alcohol. Unfortunately, this means 35% of people who drink make bad decisions and drink towards alcohol content levels that are associated with serious medical outcomes such as coma and death(1). Therefore, we encourage you to learn about making healthy decisions and find ways to celebrate safely.

Considering your 21st birthday is just around the corner, we want to help you plan a day that you will find enjoyable and memorable. The following information and links will help you in this process:

Campus Exclusives

  • Campus Events - Wheaton is always bustling with various events. Check out the campus calendar to see what’s happening on your special day.
  • Private Party - Spend time with the friends you care about. Private party registration forms can be obtained at the Office of Student Activities, Involvement and Leadership.

Local Specialties

Have a happy and safe birthday!
SAIL team


Work Cited: Buddy, T. (2009). 21st birthday drinking a serious health hazard. About.com

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