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Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Does Wheaton have a Parents Weekend?

Yes, each fall Wheaton celebrates Parents & Family Weekend. This community event welcomes parents and families to engage in a weekend filled with athletic competitions, dance, theatre and music. It’s a great opportunity for parents to see their children’s lives in action, as well as, connect with staff and faculty at a variety of events.

Should my student get involved in clubs and organizations at Wheaton?

Of course, getting involved in the Wheaton community is expected but balance is the key to success. There are so many options and that is the challenge for new students. Generally, we encourage students to get involved in a few areas of interest during their first semester. Attend a few meetings, go to a variety of campus events (remembering to try something new!), and participate in the intramural program but don’t over commit. Remind your student that they only have 4 years to make their mark!

How can my student get involved at Wheaton?

Every student at Wheaton has the opportunity to get involved with clubs and organizations, participate in activities and events and contribute to student governance. At the beginning of each semester, the Student Government Association sponsors a student activities fair with representatives from all student groups and a variety of offices. It’s a great place to shop the clubs.

What if my student does not find any groups that fit with their interest?

One of Wheaton’s greatest strengths is that we support students to seek interest in new and exciting areas. When a student does not find their special interest represented on campus the opportunity to step up, get involved and develop a new student group is encouraged. If your student does not see a groups that meets their interest; send them to the SAIL office to get started.

What are the weekends like on campus? Are there things going on?

Students can participate in a variety of events and activities that happen during the evenings and weekends. There are several social options that are available on a regular basis which includes Friday and Saturday night BACCHUS film showings, enjoying the Lyons Den Coffeehouse and grabbing pub food at the Loft. In addition, no matter the season, students can cheer on the Lyons during home games. In addition, the SAIL office offers information regarding local trips and transportation.

With 100+ student clubs and organizations, there are events happening most nights, one night a lecture, next a workshop and discussion linking to the classroom. On yet another night, it could be an acappella or other performance group practicing or putting on a show, dance parties, live bands and comedy shows are sponsored by student groups on a regular basis.

If your student tells your there is nothing going on, make sure they check out the College on-line calendar and Café Chalkboards each week - there is always something going on!

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