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Improve Your Meetings

When you run a meeting, you have a responsibility to set the mood and direction. Therefore your group's meetings need to be structured, productive and rewarding for those in attendance. Keep the points identified below in mind when running a meeting.

  • Start on time - executive members should be early!
  • Ask if everyone can hear you. Some people may be hard-of-hearing.
  • Review the minutes from the previous meeting.
  • Give proper introductions and recognition to those in the room.
  • Stick to your meeting time. Be respectful of other peoples' time and use your time effectively.
  • Set an agenda and have extra copies for others. Make sure the font is legible and large as some people may be visually impaired.
  • Allow everyone a chance to speak. Restrict debates to 15 minutes maximum.
  • End your meetings on a positive note.
  • Plan follow-up action. Who will do what/when/how/where?
  • Follow through - then evaluate!

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