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Writing the Constitution

All groups should have a constitution in order to have a strong foundation. In addition, organizations wishing to become a recognized group under Student Government Association (SGA) are required to have a constitution.

Once completed, upload a copy of your constitution on your group's The Link page under "Documents".

The following is a basic outline to creating your student organization's constitution:

• State the purpose of the club.

Article I – Name
• Declares the name of the club.

Article II – Sources of Authority

• State where the club derives its power. A good statement is this: “XYZ Club shall function under the auspices of the Student Government Association and is subject to all rules established thereof.”

Article III – Governmental Structure
• Write in eloquent detail what the leadership positions in the club are and what responsibilities of each position are. Refer to the requirements that the SGA imposes on clubs as a guide towards efficiency.

Article IV – Procedures
• Explain how decisions of the club are made. Generally the elected officials, or a majority of members make them.

Article V – Elections
• Be very clear on how the positions in Article III are elected.

Article VI – Impeachment
• Again, be very clear as to how elected officers can be impeached.

Article VII – Amendments
• It is absolutely necessary for a club constitution to detail how it can be amended. Always include a clause that states “the SGA Senate must ratify all amendments.”

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