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How To Run A Meeting

Establishing a Space

  • Decide on a few options for meeting days, times, and locations. Weekly meetings have proven to be most effective.
  • Reserve a room with Conference & Events
  • Once you receive room confirmation, publicize your meetings!

Creating an Agenda

An agenda is the foundation of your meeting so make the agenda something members look forward to reading do not hesitate to be creative and/or add a little humor. Click here for a basic agenda example.

Why use an agenda?

  1. An agenda lets people know what to expect.
  2. Provides an order for dealing with issues.
  3. An agenda is a type of delegation and method for accountability.
  4. Saves everyone time.
  5. Makes you and your group organized.

Taking Minutes

The phrase "taking minutes" means to record the official information of what took place during a meeting. The more the information is accurate and complete, the easier it will be to function as a team. The following are things to consider when taking minutes:

During Meeting

1. Obtain the meeting agenda from the last meeting and any other documents to be discussed.
2. Record the date, time and place of the meeting.
3. Circulate a sheet of paper for attendees to sign (name and email).
4. Write down items in the order in which they are discussed.
5. Record who will do what/when/how/where and any deadlines.
6. Record whether items are approved or rejected.
7. Write down the main ideas not every single detail of each discussion.


After Meeting

1. Transcribe minutes soon after the meeting, when your memory is still fresh.
2. Follow the format used in previous minutes.
3. Consider attaching long resolutions, reports, or other supplementary material.
4. Write "Submitted by" and then sign your name and the date.
5. Proof read the minutes!
6. Distribute the minutes within 24 hours to all members and place a copy chronologically in a record book.

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