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Funding Proposal Basics

In creating a club/organization you may incur operating expenses. As an SGA entity your group is eligible for funding. Your club treasurer will be the contact for the funding applications.

In applying for these funds there are certain guidelines you must follow:

  • Be as specific as possible.
    • When you itemize your projected expenses the funding committee is better equipped to understand your group’s needs and therefore give your group the money you need.
    • If you do not meet the budget proposal deadline then your club will not undergo the Tier Funding process.
    • All components of the proposal should have confirmed costs and not value ranges. By having ranges, it will make the decision process more difficult and might result in your application being tabled until more information is provided. If additional information is not provided, your application maybe laid aside, effectively receiving an allocation of zero.
    • All applications should exhibit proper preparation and research, applications which show poor research and planning will receive either no allocation or an allocation that reflects the amount of information provided.
  • Your club should not overspend its allocated amount.
    • There have been several instances in the past where a club or organization has overspent its allocation for the year. It is the club’s responsibility to make sure this does not occur. Clubs which do so will be in violation Section VII of the Wheaton College Student Government Association’s Bylaws, also known as the Fiscal Responsibility Act which states:"
      • "A. Fiscal Responsibility:
        • 1. All members, clubs, organizations, councils, groups, officials, and/or sanctioned SGA bodies, are forbidden to enter contracts that are for amounts greater than the clubs current, available funds without written consent of the Student Senate.
        • 2. All members, Clubs, organizations, councils, groups, officials, and/or sanctioned SGA bodies, are forbidden to enter multi-year contracts that commit SGA to yearly payments. Multi-year contracts may only be entered into if the entire capital required for the services provided for the entirety of the contract is paid directly upon the signing of the contract and that the SGA sanctioned body has the funds available to make the payment in its entirety. Multi-year contracts requiring yearly payments currently held by SGA Sanctioned Bodies will be grandfathered for their current agreed duration but these SGA Sanctioned bodies will not be allowed to extend or renew these contracts.
      • B.The SGA bares no financial responsibilities when a transaction involves a contract knowingly entered into by a contractually obligated advisor,when this advisor has the authority to authorize funding even though the organization in question is lacking sufficient funds to pay the amount of the contract.If a contract overdraws the SGA organizations account, it is the responsibility of the individual advisor and/or his/her department to absorb the debt due to the individuals’ superseding of SGA financial safe guards.”
    • If you have questions concerning Section VII, contact the SGA Treasurer.

For all discretionary funding requests, there will be a number of submission deadlines made known, it is your responsibility to submit all applications prior to the deadline. There will be no exceptions for late submissions. There also will be no retroactive funding for events which have occurred after a meeting of any of the funds unless it was due to the confirmed fault of the committee.

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