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Creating A Vision & Goals


The purpose of the group needs to be clearly defined and must answer the following questions:

• Who will directly benefit?
• How will the campus community benefit?
• What does this group value?

Use the answers to these questions to create a purpose statement. This will help shapes how future members and the community will understand why they should join your student organization.

Setting Goals

Developing goals as a group is critical. This is not a process that the President or the Executive Board of a group can do alone. Planning together as an entire student group will allow you and your members to be supportive, take responsibility, and have ownership while gathering a variety of valuable perspectives.

  1. Brainstorm realistic goals that connect to the group's vision
  2. Choose as a group the goals from the list you want to tackle
  3. Prioritize the goals
  4. Determine a plan of action for each goal
  5. Follow through and evaluate

For more information about creating goals, visit SMART Goals.

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