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Contracts & Payments

Not everyone keeps a promise. Having a contract is the best way to ensure that a vendor will uphold their services.

Once you've negotiated all the details and price, visit the SAIL office to review and get a signature.

Contract/Invoice Payment Process

Contracts and invoices are used for paying an individual, performer, or business. The following is the process:

  • The business/performer will mail/fax a contract/invoice directly to a member of your Club or to a representative in the SAIL office.
  • Your Club advisor or a representative in the SAIL office must sign contracts before they can be uploaded on The Link for processing. Invoices do not need to be signed before being uploaded, but it is highly recommended to have your advisor review it.
  • The SAIL Student Banker must receive contracts/invoices 14 days in advance of when you need a check to be written because checks are always distributed on Fridays. You can pick up the check or have it mailed directly to the business/performer.
  • If you wish to pay somebody for a service and they cannot provide a contract, contact the SAIL office.

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