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Collaboration means more than getting money! When two or more groups work together to achieve a common goal by exchanging ideas and coordinating efforts, they are truly collaborating! Therefore, ideally groups should work towards collaboration.

Four steps for collaboration:

  1. Do research.
    • What groups have a similar mission or purpose?
    • Or what groups would have a mutual interest in an event?
  2. Meet & communicate.
    • Everyone must understand the value and their role in the collaboration process.
    • Agree on types of involvement, funding, time lines and expectations.
    • Build trust; keep your promises and meet deadlines.
  3. Make connections.
    • Have conversations about visions and current topics.
    • Continue dialogue. Realizing what each group has in common is not always an easy process. Debate may occur and people may have settled on ideas prematurely.
  4. Reach consensus.
    • Agree on a topic or event to collaborate upon.


Co-Sponsorship: Strictly Money

There are a few funding sources on campus (also known as Discretionary Funding) where you all you need to do is submit an application in order to request funds, they include:

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