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Fundraising, Selling & Asking for Donations

The first step to start fundraising is to fill out the Fundraiser Approval Form from the SAIL office. The form must be completed by the person who is responsible for organizing the fundraiser and includes the following requirements:

  • purpose of your fundraiser
  • how you plan to seek donations

The SAIL office will contact you within a few days(or more depending on the fundraising type). This process is to ensure your plans abide by MA state rules on donation solicitation, raffling, product sales, and other potential legal issues.

Top 5 Ideas

  1. Tee-shirt sale
  2. Bake sale
  3. Raffle
    • NOTE: 50/50 raffles are highly regulated and challenging for student groups to facilitate(Read the MA Law).
    • Give away a prize!
  4. Letter campaign
  5.  Crowdfunding (Coming Soon!)
  6.  Event entry charge
    • Depending on your event, you may request an entrance fee which is then donated. Meet with a SAIL member for more information.


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