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Catering & Food Safety

Whether you are preparing food or purchasing food there is much to think about...

  • Do we have options for all types of food eaters? (vegan, vegetarian, nut allergies, other food allergies)
  • Has the food been prepared correctly?
  • Are the servers informed what is in each dish and is the food properly labeled?


Cooking Food

Food safety is a serious issue. Please download this handout for a full list of Food Safety guidelines.



Catering offers you piece of mind and convenience when planning an event with food.

Know that certain spaces on campus require use of catering through Aramark. These spaces include:

  • Chase Dining (Round, Square and Small)
  • Emerson Dining (Faculty, President's Dining Rooms 1 & 2 and Crum's Cloakroom)
  • The Loft

An exception is given only if the meal being served is something that Dining Services is unable to provide based on its contents. For more details, meet with Aramark.


Off Campus Food

Some events choose to purchase food from an outside vendor. Choose a reputable provider and please remember that your group is responsible for cleaning the space following the event.


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