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Film Showings

Showing a movie isn't as simple as putting it into the DVD player and pressing "play"!

If you choose to show a film for public viewing, your first step is to purchase a public viewing license ($300 -$500) and rights to show the film in public. This can be done by going through a vendor such as Swank Motion Pictures. Even if you choose to show the movie for free, you are still required to purchase the copyrights. Federal copyright laws protect all movies viewed in public areas regardless of format (35 mm, video tape or DVD). Click here for more information.


The Educational Exemption

Under the "Educational Exemption" rule, movies may be shown in a college without a license only if the movie showing is:

  • an "integral part of a class session" and is of "material assistance to the teaching content."
  • supervised by a faculty/staff in a classroom attendees are only students
  • using a movie that has been legally produced and obtained

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