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Campus Posting Guidelines

Please keep the following in mind when posting flyers, banners, and other advertisements.

  • Posters and signs advertising an event must clearly state:
    • ┬áthe name(s) of the sponsor(s),
    • a main contact (name and email) and
    • event information (title, date, time, and location)
  • All posted materials may be affixed to bulletin boards.
    • Absolutely no posters/signs may be affixed in any manner to windows or glass doors. Refrain from painted indoor and outdoor surfaces (pillars, doors, etc).
    • Use thumb tacks or masking tape - clear tape is difficult to remove.
  • Be respectful!
    • Do not cover, relocate or remove another event's flyer/banner.
    • You can only remove another flyer/banner if the event has passed.
  • Alcohol can never be mentioned your advertising efforts. See the "Alcohol" section for more information.
  • Work with the Wheaton Post Office staff to send materials via campus mail. You can send mail to specific class years!

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