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Rhodes Student Leadership Office

The office is located on the ground floor of the Balfour-Hood Campus Center, between the Atrium's ramp and Game Room.  The office is for all student groups, club members and student leaders to:

Utilize the room's resources

      1. General supplies (markers, chalk, etc)
      2. Equipment Rental
      3. Club storage (lockers)
      4. Meeting space
Consult with the Rhodes' Clubs & Activities Assistants
These assistants advise clubs in event planning, making connections between clubs and providing general support/resources. They also facilitate various workshops throughout the year to assist student leaders.


Meet with the Balfour Building Managers
These managers maintain the building and assist with event staffing to ensure a safe/healthy campus center.


See the SAIL Student Banker
The SAIL Student Banker is a key resource for any club.

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