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There are many ways to make an impact in the lives of students. Here are a few:

  • Collaborate on an event. SAIL is always interested in making connections with the classroom and curriculum. If there is a topic you wish to share or speaker you wish to bring to campus, contact us so we can collaborate.
  • Connect. Students who interact with faculty outside of the classroom  feel more connected to Wheaton and are less likely to transfer or drop out. Grab a coffee at the Hood Cafe or challenge a student to a game of pool; Balfour-Hood has many spaces available.
  • Encourage students. Students involved in co-curricular activities learn team work, time management, and skills to help them lead.
  • Be visible. When students see faculty and staff at events sponsored by their student group, they feel supported, connected, and empowered. Become an advisor of a student club or attend a few student club events each semester.

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