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Triple Decked Dance

Posted on February 1, 2013

On Saturday January 26, Programming Council hosted its Welcome Back Dance as a way to celebrate the students’ return to campus after a long winter break.  To much surprise, the dance was held in the Balfour Hood Campus Center.  Operating differently than Balfour dances have in the past, the Triple Decked Dance featured three separate dance spaces, each with their own DJ.  The atrium played a mix of current hits and Top 40.  The dance studio got everyone moving with a more club-like atmosphere, strobe lights, and a techo/dubstep mix.  In the Loft, DJ Troy was spinning popular hip-hop tracks that got pleased the crowds.  Many wandered from room to room, adding variety to their dance experience instead of simply remaining in one place.

With the number of Wheaton students rising each year, Wheaton continues to search for appropriate locations for dances which will accommodate large numbers of people.

Haas = Bad sound and too large
Clark Center = Not fire compliant
Balfour = Not large enough

Following the success of the Black Tie Bash which utilized all the rooms in Balfour, increasing event capacity, it seems that we have found a new solution. But have we really found the secret to hosting a successful, safe, and fun dance venue?  Some might agree, while others would say this new system is unfair.

Due to safety regulations and fire codes, only the first 500 students to arrive at the Triple Decked Dance were allowed entry. However, close to 700 students showed up dressed and ready to enjoy themselves, which left about 200 students in the cold and searching for alternative plans.

Failure to comply with this state law, the responsible person will face a minimum of 2 years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

While it was difficult for the fashionably late and cold students to fully comprehend their rejection to entering the dance, we know that they (and all students) will consider arriving fashionably early for the next one.

Wheaton and the SAIL team appreciate students’ understanding that until an appropriate venue is built, it will take time and trial-and-error to find the best way for the campus to offer these large social events.  Overall, Programing Council's Welcome Back Dance was a great success, having a little something for everyone!


- Written by: Ashleigh '13
- Edited by: Nadia Omar

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