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CORE Coordinators 2012

Posted on July 10, 2012

Sylvania Okoye ’13 Sylvia
Hometown: Stanhope, New Jersey
Major: Anthropology and History 
Favorite Wheaton Memory
During my first year, I auditioned for the Wheatones and joined Wheaton’s track team.  As a result, I was able to meet some really amazing people that were very different yet extremely passionate about their craft.  It's impeccable!
First Year Tip
Take advantage of all the people you meet and the new things you learn.  These are the best years of your life so EMBRACE it. :)

Coby Jones ‘14Coby
Hometown: South Berwick, Maine
Major: Political Science
Favorite Wheaton Memory
A big snow storm hit and the next day was a “snow day”! It was an absolutely beautiful day and the entire campus met on Chapel Field for a snowball fight. Teams ganged up on each other, forts were created to fight off on coming attacks and snow men were built. It was really fun!
First Year Tip
If you have dietary restrictions, don’t be afraid to ask the food service staff for help. As a vegetarian, I find them to be the most helpful people on campus!


Jennifer Gibson '14Jen
Hometown: Bristol, Vermont
Major: Neuroscience
Favorite Wheaton Memory
One time, after pulling an all-nighter with a few friends, we ended up watching the sunrise. It’s not hard to find a fun spot to do this on campus! We were exhausted and slightly loopy by that point, but it was still a great way to start the next day.
First Year Tip
Be careful going over the bridge when it snows! It is deceptively slippery, and you might end up sliding down it on your butt. I did!

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