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Posted on December 15, 2011

Your event space is critical to the success of your event; therefore you must think about these four topics:

  • Set Up

    You must think about how you envision the room to look including tables and any media needs.

    • Space Diagrams - use these diagrams to map out exactly how you would like the space to be set up
      • There are a limited amount of tables and chairs on campus; if you are looking for a specific type of table (cocktail) they will need to be rented ($).
      • Accessibility - make sure the aisles are wide enough for a person in wheelchair to attend.
    • Media & Technology¬† - your group may be charged a fee for utilizing Media Services so make sure to read their Service Summary to avoid any charges.
      • Events & Conferences will notify you about any possible charges before your reservation is confirmed.
      • Certain equipment can be reserved through the Rhodes Office free of charge.

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