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Russian Senior Lunch in Norton
Hosted by professor Jeanne Wilson, Davis professor of Political Science and Russian Studies: our graduating seniors, a few friends and T.A. Farida, and professors Wilson, Dolack and Rosset, all relaxed at a lakeside restaurant.

Russian Club / Russian Events
Russian food and culture activities start in the fall, organized by the Russian Club with that year's language assistant. ALL members of the Wheaton Community are invited. We will have campus films and Russian teas, cooking sessions, a (tiny ...) bonfire for Maslenitsa, and painting our own matrioshki. Most recently a group went to spend the day in Boston.


Russian Majors from Wheaton at Harvard: Undergraduate Conference for Harvard-Wellesley-Wheaton students
Students from the three colleges present their own original research. Usually held at Harvard University's Davis Center, towards the end of April. This year three of our majors participated: Ian and Ashley '17, Jack '18, as well as Poli Sci senior Sebastian.
More information, and pictures, here.


Russian Table
You have to eat, right? Here's a chance to practice your Russian in the dining halls, over food and in a congenial, non-pressure situation. For all levels of speakers.

Russian Folk Costume Project
Sponsored by Russian Club and Russian 101, the Russian Folklore course, fall 1999. A number of students in the Russian Folklore course built Russian folk costumes, from scratch. We welcomed helping hands, donations of fabric and ribbons, loans of sewing equipment and good company.


MOST RECENT: Graduation 2017 !!
Graduated in May: majors Ashley, Iris and Ian; minors Jess and Lily.
Left: Ian and Ash, Ian, Jess, then Iris ...

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