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Summer Waitlist

The Summer Waitlist is designed for students who would like to change the room they selected during April Room Selection

Additionally, if you are a student returning in the Fall without a room assignment, you should submit this form to be placed on waitlist for housing can also select a room and it is also a way for students returning in the fall to Fall housing.

How does it work?

Over the summer rooms will become available throughout campus.  To have a chance to live in those rooms, please complete the preference form on this page.  When a space becomes available that matches your preferences, you will be contacted by Residential Life via e-mail to confirm the new room assignment.  In the case where more than one person is looking for the same type of opening, lottery number is the determining factor.

What rooms will be available?

It's impossible to know exactly what rooms will become available.  Students will leave housing for various reasons from various parts of campus.  For obvious reasons, places that are more popular are more difficult to obtain.  They are less likely to become vacant and more people are interested in living there.

When will I know?

Changes happen throughout the summer.  For those requesting room changes, we do not anticipate making any changes after August 1st as we prepare for the beginning of the semester. If you have not heard from us by August 1st, we were not able to accommodate.  We will not be contacting people unless we can offer them a space.

For those of you without a room assignment, we often extend that deadline up to the second or third week of August.  If for some reason we do not anticipate being able to find you a room, we will notify you.

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