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Private Event Registration

A Private Event is defined as a social event hosted and managed by the residents of a Wheaton College Residential Area.  It is not open to the general Wheaton community or the general public - only invited guests may attend.

To qualify to host a Private Event, you must be at a designated Theme House or residential area approved by the Office of Residential Life


  1. Register Your Event with the form on this page
  2. All Event Hosts meet with the on-call Area Coordinator in Residential Life
  3. Event Check will take place at your house 15-30 minutes prior to the start of the party
  4. During the Event - All Event Hosts are responsible for their guests’ behavior and are expected to effectively manage the event, monitor the serving of refreshments, monitor the door, check the bathrooms, and regulate the number of guests at the event.
  5. After the Event - The house is responsible for cleaning up both the interior of the house and any areas outside the house by 1 pm the following  day

Download a complete list of Private Event Policies and Registration Procedure here.

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