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Wheaton College is a residential community, but a limited number of students can have their housing requirement waived thereby be given permission to live off-campus.

Students off campus are classified into two groups:  students Commuting from a parent/guardian's permanent residence and students Living Off Campus in a residence that they own, rent, or lease.

Requests must be made by published deadlines prior to room selection or (in the case of New Students) before housing assignment have been sent.  Waivers are granted for a full academic year only.

Commuting From Home

Requests to live at your parent or guardian's primary residence and commute to campus must be made in writing.  Those requests can be e-mailed to Ed Burnett and should include:

  • The address in which you will be commuting from
  • The relationship you have with the people residing at that address
  • The reason for your desire to commute

These requests are reviewed by the Associate Dean of Students.

Living Off Campus

Requests to live in a house, apartment, etc. that is not a parent or guardian's primary residence would be classified as "Living Off Campus."  Typically, students who live off campus will lease a local apartment with a group of friends.  These leases are independent agreements between the students (tenants) and a landlord.  The residences have no connection to Wheaton College.

To be eligible to live off campus you must apply and meet the following criteria:

  • You must have senior standing in the year intended to live off campus or be over 23 years of age by the beginning of the academic year
  • You must be in good academic standing (not currently on Academic Suspension)
  • You must be in good social standing (having no Student Conduct violations that have resulted in either probation or suspension)
  • You must have read and understand Wheaton's Conditions and Expectations for Living Off Campus

Off Campus Living Applications are available here.



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