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Available Theme Houses

Available Houses

All on-campus houses are eligible to host a Theme. Current Theme Houses that are invited to return will have the right of first refusal on their current house: the remaining spaces will be eligible for new house applicants.

It is difficult to know for certain exactly what spaces will be available. We suggest that the group focuses on the strength of their theme and the "key contributors" presenting a compelling case. Groups will be offered space based on the strength of their application, likelihood they can fill the house, and group preference.

For planning purposes know that our houses range in capacity from 4 to 13 beds. They are primarily single and double rooms (a couple of the larger houses each have one triple). More information on the process of being offered and accepting a house will be explained at the information sessions. The more flexibility a group has, the better the chances that we will be able to offer you a house.

Below are the buildings that could be considered for a Theme House. Depending on the quality of applications and those qualified groups ability to fill a space, some of these spaces may be available through the Suite & Apartment process or General Room Selection.

Again, existing Theme Houses have the first opportunity to re-apply and continue their theme. They are offered spaces on February 28th. The chart below reflects spaces that are eligible for a Theme, and their status with respect to their re-application.

Building Name Single Double Triple Status
1 Howard 1 2 0 Re-App Submitted
3 Howard 2 1 0 Re-App Submitted
11 Howard 1 4 0 Re-App Submitted
17 Howard 4 0 0 Re-App Submitted
19 Howard 0 3 0 Re-App Submitted
22 Howard 2 3 0 Re-App Submitted
26/28 Taunton 2 4 1 Re-App Submitted
44 Howard 5 1 0 Re-App Submitted
46 East Main St 3 1 0 Re-App Submitted
48 East Main St 2 2 0 Re-App Submitted
5 Pine 1 2 0 Re-App Submitted
7 Pine 3 1 0 Re-App Submitted
9 Taunton 4 2 0 Re-App Submitted
Bittersweet 6 0 0 Re-App Submitted
Davis House 4 4 0 Re-App Submitted
Elms 6 2 1 Re-App Submitted
Guest 5 0 0 Re-App Submitted
Linden 5 2 1 Pending

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