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Suite/Apartment FAQ

  1. Can I register as a part of more than one group?

    No, you may only register as part of one group at a time.  If anyone is part of more than one group, all members in both groups will removed from the lottery and become ineligible?

  2. Can I register for both the 3/4 and the 5/6 Lottery?

    You may only register for one group at a time.  Because the 3/4 deadline comes first, if you do not "win" that lottery you can then re-register as part of a larger group for the 5/6, but ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE RECEIVED NOTIFICATION that you will not be able to select a 3/4 person unit.  Unfortunately this means that you can only move up. . . staggering the deadline was intentional so that you could re-register.  We thought it would be nicer for groups to have to add people than it would be for groups to have to make cuts.

  3. How is it determined who lives in the singles and doubles within the suite/apartment?

    The group makes that distinction.  When you come to select a suite/apartment you will be asked to place yourself in the available rooms.  Those will be your assignments.  In order for our office to maintain accurate records, if you want to make a change, you will need to complete a room change form.  Changes must be made by August 1st.

  4. Can I do this from abroad (aka Proxy)?

    Absolutely.  You can be included from abroad.  We suggest not being the "Primary Contact" for your group to help with commincation.  But otherwise the same rules regarding Proxy apply (Any current Wheaton student or Residential Life staff member can serve as your proxy. This individual must be identified in advance through completing the proxy form, found in the Office of Residential Life,  or by e-mail.)

  5. What if I only want a Suite or an Apartment?

    We consider both suites and apartments to be similar, although we understand that preferences may be different among groups.  The suites and apartments are clustered together by size.  "Winning" the lottery guarantees you either an apartment or suite.  Exactly what is available is dependent on your lottery number.  If you come to lottery and do not like what is offered, your group may elect to remove itself from the process and go into General Room Selection.

  6. Can we Squat our suite or apartment?

    Squatting these spaces is not allowed.

  7. Do I need a Theme to live in Gebbie or Keefe?


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