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Gebbie, Keefe, and Apartments

The suites in Gebbie and Keefe as well as the On-Campus Apartments (any non-Theme house) will be available through a lottery process.  You will register with your friends as a group for the Suite & Apartment Lottery that will be held independently from General Room Selection.

Independent Living

Both the suites and apartments provide more independent living than traditional residence hall.  Residents will have more privacy, more amenities, and more autonomy.

With more independence, comes more responsibility.  Students who demonstrate an inability to manage this responsibility and within Wheaton Community Standards and the Honor Code will be relocated.

To be eligible to live in a suite or apartment you must be in good academic (not currently on Academic Suspension) and social standing (having no Student Conduct violations that have resulted in either probation or suspension). Those who have concerns about their standing can e-mail Ed Burnett.

Lottery Process

Obtaining a suite or apartment will be run through a special lottery.  Groups will register for the lottery together based on the size of your suite.  There are 3, 4, 5, and 6 person suites/apartments available.

Your group will pick a "Primary Contact" who for the lottery process will serve as the group's representative and will receive all updates an information from Res Life.  This person will gather information from each member and submit the online registration located on the right of this page.

Each member of the group must meet these Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be in good Academic and Social Standing (as noted above)
  • May not have any holds on their account
  • May not be a hired RA, approved to live off campus, or on a accepted Theme House Roster
  • May not have an active application to student abroad in the upcoming Fall semester (or similar "away" program in which you will not be living on campus)

An individual can only register as part of one group at a time.  If an individual registers is part of more than one group, both groups will be removed from the lottery.

**Groups with individuals who are ineligible will be disqualified.**

Lottery Registration:

Just as in general lottery, priority will be given to seniors, then juniors, etc.  We will add the group's class years together and the lowest totals will have the best opportunity.  Example:  In the 3-Person Lottery three 2016's are given priority over two 2016 and a 2017.

3 & 4 person groups due March 26 by 9am

5 & 6 person groups due March 27 by 9am

Lottery by numbers e-mailed that respective evening.  You will receive an e-mail on the day registration closes with your lottery status.

Registration deadlines are staggered to allow groups that are not selected to add people and go for a bigger suite.  Only after you receive notification that your lottery number does not qualify you for a suite, may you re-register for a larger suite.

Those who "win" the lottery will select their apartment/suite on Tuesday, March 31, 2015.

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