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Areas Coordinator:  Tai A. Feaster

This area is a spirited community of mostly upperclassmen in six residence halls: Everett, Everett Heights, Gebbie, Keefe, Stanton, and White House. The area is located on Upper Campus with views of Everett Courtyard, the Library and the beautiful Dimple. Focused on building camaraderie, co-curricular learning, and the sharing of intercultural experiences, this is a great community!

Grounded in many years of rich tradition, the area hosts such traditional events as, “Melons and Music”. These programs are designed to allow students to meet, mingle and exchange ideas and share experiences. We also take full advantage of our attractive surroundings and hold programs outside on the Dimple and in the Courtyard. We enjoy partnering with other living areas to provide the most successful and enjoyable experiences for our residents.

Steeped in the history of the College, the area contains rooms with character, with hardwood floors, some with eaves, and wonderful views of campus. The rooms in Everett Heights contain lofted beds, which provide for exciting options for arranging living space.

  • White House is the only designated 24-hour quiet residence hall on campus. White House has shared bathrooms, a kitchen with a microwave, and a common area with a television. It is the only house on campus that has a hall staff member living there.
  • Keefe and Gebbie are comprised of sophomores, juniors, and seniors who apply to live in three to six person suites comprised of double and single rooms. Each suite has their own bathroom and common areas and each building has a kitchen with a microwave, a laundry room, and a larger common area with a television.

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