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Area Coordinator:  Dallas Flint

Meadows Hall is a warm, tight-knit community located on Lower Campus, steps away from Peacock Pond. It underwent a 5.5 million dollar renovation in 2011 including brand new rooms, furniture, and key card access.

The Hall Staff works to provide events and programs to facilitate community bonding. Some of the programs traditionally sponsored by Meadows are: The First Year Inferno, a welcome back bonfire complete with s'mores and music; Spooktacular, an event open to children of the Norton community which includes games and trick-or-treating; and the end-of-the-year BBQ, a celebration of the end of the academic year for the entire campus.

Meadows consists of three wings: North, West and East. Each of the wings consists of four floors, and most of the floors are co-ed. Meadows West 1st, Meadows East and West 4th are designated as all female floors. Meadows North 4th is designated as quiet study. Meadows contains only doubles and singles. Most of the doubles have walk-in closets and large picture windows that let in abundant sunlight. On the first floor of each wing there is a study lounge, and a lounge furnished and equipped with a cable-ready, computer-capable, LCD television and DVD player.

All three wings are connected by Meadows Center, which includes a large gathering space, vending machines and laundry facilities. Meadows Center lounge is composed of two floors- the first floor includes a cable and computer ready 70 inch LCD television, couches, and a pool table. The second floor includes more conversation areas and an enclosed study area.

The Meadows community is home to mostly first- and second-year students, though there is a small representation of third- and fourth-year students living in singles. The diverse composition of the building creates a pleasant and dynamic atmosphere which assists in the growth of each resident and the community as a whole.

Beard Hall is an intellectually vibrant and diverse residential community that expands the educational experience beyond the classroom.

This integrated living-learning program strives to enhance the residential experience by providing dynamic opportunities for faculty, students, staff and community members to interact through informal events.  Residents of the hall are expected to design and participate in hall activities.  Through these activities, residents find ways to enrich the Beard Hall experience for themselves and others.

Beginning with the 2012-2013 academic year, Beard Hall will also house the May Fellows Residential Program.  This residential program will serve as a living-learning option for intellectually curious and academically engaged students who are already May Fellows, and are interested in further integrating their social and intellectual lives through a residential component.

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