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Expanded Doubles

Wheaton is lucky to have had an increased interest and enrollment over the past few years.  This incoming class is no exception.   While this is exciting for us on many levels, it does present some challenges:  namely the need to add beds to some rooms.

An expanded double is a room larger than our normal double rooms and is set up to accommodate three people.  All rooms provide a bed, desk, dresser, and closet space for each resident.  Students are assigned to these rooms at random.

I'm in an Expanded Double. . .


Having Enough Space

Sharing space can be challenging no matter what type of room you live in.  The personal space you are used to at home is probably greater than what you will experience in college.

Nevertheless, one of the common concerns people share with us is about having enough space.  It is probably not going to be as bad as you think.  To give you a sense of perspective, of the students who requested to move out of their "expanded double", nearly three quarters cited a reason other than "not having enough personal space." Requests to move cite reasons similar to any other moving request, not because they are in an “expanded” rooming situation.  Many students actually choose to stay in their room.

As stated above the Expanded Double, has a set of furniture for each student.  We can provide loft units (pictured below), bring in portable wardrobes to provide more storage, or take furniture out to provide more floor space.  Students have come up with creative ways to maximize the use of the space and we're happy to help in any way we can.


When you and your roommates arrive on campus you can talk to your RA or AC about helping with the room setup.

How do you choose who is in an Expanded Double?

There are no qualifiers in an individual’s placement into an expanded double.  Placement in this space is random.

Is there a discount?

All of Wheaton's housing is billed at the same rate.  Unfortunately you do not get a discount for being in an Expanded Double (which some schools do offer), but you do not pay a premium for a private room or suite that you will be able to live in when you are a Junior or Senior.

However, we do offer anyone assigned to an expanded double who has not been offered the opportunity to move or has had a roommate move out by November 1st, a priority lottery number for sophomore Room Selection.  The number will be weighted above other students in your class year.

Moving or Switching Rooms?

It is important to know that this space is your room unless you request to move out of it.  Our experience has been that many students actually choose to stay in their triple rooms rather than leave their roommates.  Last year the majority stayed in their room for the entire year even though other space was available for them.

If you do want to move, we will work with you to find you a new space as they become available.  This may be unexpected, but a college’s population fluxes throughout the entire year.  Those changes created vacancies we can use to move people.  It is difficult to predict each year, but in most years anyone who wants to relocate was able to by the beginning of the Spring semester.

If you want to talk about making a room switch, please contact us.  Over the summer, you can contact Ed Burnett.  During the academic year, you can contact your Area Coordinator (whom you will meet at move-in).

Tips for living in an Expanded Double.

  • Talk with your roommates about what each other is bringing and what can you share.  Especially for larger items like refridgerators.
  • If you can, leave seasonal clothing at home.  Many of you will have a chance to get back home before you need the bulky winter jacket
  • Talk to your roommates about how you think the room should be set up, especially the beds.
  • Do not rush to the room and be the first one there just so you can claim space.  This is a shared room and coming in to lay claim to "your" space is not a good way to start a relationship.  Remember you are going to be living with this people the entire year.




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