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3 on 3 Basketball All-Stars Announced

Posted on October 25, 2012

Wheaton College

Intramural 3 on 3 Basketball



All Wheaton 1st Team

PG- Wilson Sadowski - A premier ball handler who can knock down shots from anywhere on the court.  Sadowski has unlimited range on his shot and can take games over offensively when he is on his game. Along with being a sharpshooter, Sadowski’s ability to set teammates up for easy baskets is what sets him above the other guards in the league.

SG- Patrick Leland - An explosive playmaker who led the league in scoring in 2012. From three pointers to reverse layups, there is not a shot Leland is incapable of executing at an elite level. Only in his freshman year, Leland has a bright future in store for him in Wheaton intramurals

SF- Saul Oremus - A high energy player who has a true passion for the game. Oremus always seems to be in the right place at the right time for his team. A tenacious defender who will never be out-hustled to a loose ball, Saul is willing to do whatever it takes to give his team the opportunity to win.

PF- Corey Laliberte - An all-around athlete with no weakness to his game. Laliberte has the ability to score from inside and outside and is a strong defender. Because of his size and strong ball-handling skills, Laliberte is a match-up nightmare for his opposition and is a player teams must game-plan around.

C- Eric Jensen - An offensive force who uses his strength and impressive offensive skillset to create mismatches all over the court. Jensen has a deadly 15 foot jumper but makes his biggest impact in the paint. Unstoppable near the basket due to his athleticism and array of low post moves, Jensen is one the best closers in the game with several game winning shots this season.


All Wheaton 2nd Team

PG – KJ Pontes
SG- Jordan Wylie
SF- Chris Paine
PF- Moyo Afolabi
C- Shawn Wise

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