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Fencing Club finds a new life at Wheaton

Posted on February 24, 2012

Wheaton College has seen many clubs become successful during the past few years but the reformed Fencing Club has created a buzz around campus. Spearheaded by Co-Presidents Ryan Barrette and Caitlin Claflin, the Fencing club has seen immense growth over the first few months of school and continues to add members on a regular basis. Once a popular club in the early 2000's, the fencing club had been dormant for the past few years until Barrette and Claflin met with the Director of Club Sports, Steve Angelo, and requested information on how to start the club back up. Through their hard work and dedication in marketing and organizing the club, the fencing club has been greeted with excitement and interest from several members of the Wheaton community. With no experience needed to join, the fencing club offers a unique opportunity for the students of Wheaton to participate in a sport which is not commonly offered in the college setting.

When asked why they wanted to reform the fencing club, Barrette stated " We decided to bring fencing back to Wheaton because it is a sport that we believe fits with Wheaton’s strong sense of community. It is a team and individual sport that is accessible to everyone regardless of experience, age or athletic ability. Fencing offers opportunities for fencers at all levels, from casual beginners to Olympic athletes. It is a great chance for Wheaton students to learn a new and exciting sport that they may not have had the opportunity to try before."

For beginners and experienced participants, the club has the leadership and experience to teach and to offer a challenge for members. Between our four officers we have experience in all three weapons. Co-president Ryan Barrette has been a competitive épéeist for two years with the Cape Cod Fencing Club. Co-president Caitlin Claflin has been a competitive foilist for three years and a competitive épéeist for one year with the Cheshire Fencing Club, and has taken lessons at ICONN Fencing Club. Treasurer Lindsay Curtin has taken lessons at Zeta Fencing Studio for four years and has been a competitive saberist for three years. Armorer Andrew Shelton was a competitive foilist for two years with Fencers School of Connecticut and his team finished fifth in the Connecticut State Finals.

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