Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College
Public Safety

Commonly Asked Questions

Q:  Whom should I call in an emergency?

A:  Call the Public Safety emergency line (508) 286-3333 (from campus phone x3333) or call 911 (from campus phone 9-911).

Q:  I'm not feeling well, but it's not an emergency.  Who can help me?

A:  You can contact the Wheaton Health and Wellness office at (508) 286-8210 or the Norton Medical Center at (508) 286-5400; after hours a doctor is on call and can be contacted through the same number.

Q:  Are there hospitals close by?

A:  Sturdy Memorial Hospital is located in Attleboro (508) 222-5200 and Morton Hospital is located in Taunton (508) 828-7100.

Q:  Whom should I call if I need a ride to the bus station off campus?

A:  You can call Taunton Checker Cab at (508) 824-5831 or check the GATRA bus service information at (800) 483-2500 (there is a bus stop on Howard Street.)

Q:  I can't find my car; I think it may have been towed.  Whom do I call?

A:  Call Public Safety at (508) 286-8213.  Public Safety is the only college department authorized to have a vehicle towed from the campus.  The company which does the towing is Fogarty Towing.

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