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Laptop security

Register Your Laptop

Laptops and other portable electronic devices are easy targets for theft. In addition to the cost of replacement, they often have personal information and intellectual property that can be difficult or impossible to recover and protect. The Wheaton College Department of Public Safety is offering a free Laptop Registration Program to members of the campus community to deter theft and avoid the consequences or assist in the recovery of stolen property. Click here to register your laptop.

Once you register your laptop, we will have the basic information to quickly investigate the theft. Additionally, if your laptop is found or recovered, the registration record will help DPS return your laptop to you.

Other methods to protect your laptop

Keep the laptop with you, do not leave it unattended
Keep the laptop out of sight; store it when not being used
Label your accessories and carrying case
Password protect your laptop

To report the theft of a laptop on campus, call Public Safety at (508) 286-8213.

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