Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
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Public Safety

Sanctions for Violation of Fire Safety Regulations

The purpose of Wheaton's fire safety policy is to create a safe campus, free of fire and the risk of fire. Any violation of fire safety regulations places all members of the community at risk and will result in the sanctions listed below. Individuals may appeal a sanction issued by the Associate Dean of Residential Life to the Dean or Associate Dean of Students.

Offenses that include:
Violation of the Wheaton College Fire Safety Policy, which includes, but is not limited to: Smoking in the residence halls or on the balconies, possession or use of halogen lamps, candles, incense, coffee pots, microwaves, charcoal, lighter fluid, gas propane, items in hallway, holiday decorations (live trees, wreaths, corn stalks, straw); covering heat/smoke sensors, hanging items from sprinklers and pipes and placing furniture/items in the hallway, and any other devices that are a potential fire hazard.

A first offense response must include but not limited to
$100.00 fine
Educational Response

A second offense response must include but not limited to
$150.00 fine
Educational Response

Offenses that include
Tampering with fire safety equipment (disabling smoke detectors, discharging fire extinguishers) will be a $500 fine for the first offense, and a second incident will result with a referral to the College Hearing Board.

Response must include but not limited to
$500.00 fine
Norton Fire Department Fines
Community Service

This is extremely serious, and includes endangering the lives of members of the community by continuing to participate in the above outlined behaviors as well as intentional starting of fires, calling in bomb threats, and pulling a false fire alarm.
Individuals who pull a false fire alarm will also face criminal penalties from the Norton Fire Department.

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