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Public Safety

Counterfeit or Altered Drivers License/ID

Recently, the Massachusetts State Police, the Registry of Motor Vehicles and Campus Law Enforcement Agencies organized together to deal more effectively with the problem of identity theft and the production of counterfeit forms of identification. Law enforcement officials have determined that oftentimes, the sources of counterfeit IDs available to under-aged college students are the same sources that criminals use to obtain false IDs as well.

Students should expect strict enforcement efforts by state, local and campus police.  Wheaton Public Safety Officers will seize counterfeit or altered driver's licenses/IDs from any state.  Officers will then submit an affidavit along with the license/ID to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  The Registry of Motor Vehicles will schedule a hearing which may relsult in the suspension of a person's right to operate a motor vehicle and criminal penalties as well.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Assistant Director David Bamford, extension 8213.

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