Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College
Public Safety


Chapter 266, Section 120D of the Massachusetts General Laws grants the College authority to have vehicles towed off campus. Illegally parked vehicles are subject to being towed without notice at the owner's expense. The Public Safety Department will make a reasonable effort to take less severe enforcement actions; however, where infractions are serious, create a dangerous situation, hinder the emergency or normal operation of the college, or where the owner of the vehicle has received several warnings and/or fines, towing may be appropriate or necessary. As a courtesy, registrants of cars, which are legally registered on campus, will be notified via email when their vehicle has been towed.

The private towing company Wheaton College uses receives the money for the vehicles they tow. This company also assumes any liability for damage caused during a towing operation.

Towing and Storage Rates

$105.00 Vehicle hook-up fee
$20.00 Storage fee each day after 5:00 p.m.
All tow bills must be paid in full with cash.


As a courtesy (not required)  Public Safety may try to contact a registrant to move his/her car before it is towed.  It will be done only as staffing and activity levels permit; and will normally be done only once.

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