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Student-faculty research

Psychology students have the opportunity to work with faculty in many ways. Below are some of the current research projects. Many of these projects are Wheaton Research Partnerships. Wheaton's faculty are constantly engaged in original research, and for years Wheaton students of many disciplines have contributed to this work.

Animal Behavior in Captivity and Cyberspace, Kathy Morgan
This project will involve work on several projects, including (but not limited to): 1) completing any data collection and analysis required for the second part of a study of changes in animal behavior, visitor behavior, and visitor attitude with a change in the leopard exhibit at the Southwick's Zoo; 2) completing all photo data entry for the interactive vernal pool salamander database; and 3) conducting a study of relative numerosity in male rats.

For more information please contact Professor Kathy Morgan, kmorgan@wheatoncollege.edu.

Cognitive Neuroscience Research Laboratory, Jason E. Reiss

The overarching goal of this lab is to study the hidden mental processes involved in the acquisition and use of visual information. This lab is interested in questions such as: How do we pay attention to certain things and disregard other things? What happens in the brain during this selection process? How does this selection determine our visual experience? To help in this exploration, this lab uses both behavioral methods as well as 128-channel high-density electroencephalography (EEG) system that allows precise measurement of the electrical activity that occurs in the brain. We also use eye-tracking technology (to provide information about where individuals look at particular aspects of a scene).

For more information please click here, or contact Professor Jason E. Reiss, reiss_jason@wheatoncollege.edu.

Health and Social Psychology Lab, Michael Berg

Professor Berg’s lab is currently involved in studying the intersection of health and social psychology. This lab is currently working on studies examining anti-fat prejudice and attitudes towards obesity reducing public policies.

For more information, please contact Professor Michael Berg, mberg@wheatonma.edu.

The Effects of Modernization on Women in Bhutan, Bianca Cody Murphy

Bianca Cody Murphy is to explore the effects of modernization on women in Bhutan. This summer we developed a Likert Scale to measure Bhutanese attitudes toward Buddhism, marriage and family, education, work, the environment and community life in Bhutan. This semester, we would like to determine the reliability and validity of the instrument and test it on a small sample of Bhutanese students.  In addition, we will work with 3-4 Bhutanese cultural informants to identify key cultural values and to address linguistic issues. In the future, perhaps with an outside grant or with support from Wheaton, we hope to be able to use the attitude scale together with qualitative interviews to understand how modernization has affected cultural values in three generation of Bhutanese women.

For more information please contact Professor Bianca Cody Murphy, bmurphy@wheatoncollege.edu

Visual Perception Lab, Rolf Nelson

Research for this lab is being conducted by Professor Rolf Nelson. This lab is conducting research in several areas, including:  eye movements and persistence of vision, monocular stereopsis, perception of negative space, and cognitive effects of video game play.

For more information please contact Professor Rolf Nelson, nelson_rolf@wheatoncollege.edu.

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