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First Year Seminar

The objective of the First Year Seminar is to teach college-level skills in communication, research, critical and creative thinking and collaboration, and to foster effective interactions between students and advisors.  The First Year Seminar may be disciplined-based and, at the discretion of the relevant department, may be counted toward the major.  Guidelines and Goals developed by Professor Anni Baker. (April 2011)  FYS-Goals F'11

The First Year Seminar may not normally be used to fulfill the Connections requirement.  (Faculty Legislation, Part Two, X.E.6a, April 2, 2010 Faculty Minutes)

  • Educational Policy Committee recommended for purposes of continuity in advising and experience, adjuncts should not teach FYS classes. (January 19, 2009, Ed Pol Minutes)
  • Educational Policy Committee approved implementing a review of FYS goals. (November 14, 2008, Ed Pol Minutes)
  • A First Year Seminar course may be given a QA designation. (March 6, 2003 Ed Pol Minutes)

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