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Writing across the curriculum

(For details on writing across the curriculum see the Writing web site.)

  • Departments will begin a review of their writing plans.
  • Individual courses should not be approved for cap exemption on the basis of the writing intensive model without approval of the department chair and a plan for dissemination with the department.
  • Such courses must have a clear rationale within the department’s overall writing plan and in relationship to infusion, connections and the major.
  • Departments should develop a single, concrete question about the success of their writing instruction and develop a way to evaluate their success.
  • Minimum cap requests should come from departments and interdisciplinary programs rather than from individual faculty.  Requests could come in the form of an overall department or program plan that includes attention to the impact of caps on the major, or majors, interdisciplinary programs, general education requirements, and other curricular priorities.
    (November 13, 2009 Ed Pol Minutes)


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