Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College
Office of the Provost



  • A student may, with approval of the department(s) concerned or formally designated advisors, elect to pursue a Minor concentration in addition to his or her Major concentration.
  • Successful completion of a minor will be designated on the student’s transcript.
  • Minor concentrations will consist of at least five interrelated courses at least one of which normally shall be at or above the 300 level.  A student may use no more than one course to fulfill the requirements of both his or her Major and Minor programs.  In the case where a student is pursuing two or more Minor programs, no courses in the Minors may over lap.  (See Faculty Legislation Link)


  • Major and Minor courses may be fulfilled anywhere subject to appropriate department or program chair approval.  (Ed Pol Annual Report 2004-2005)

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