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Connections (student initiated)

  • Educational Policy Committee will develop procedural guidelines and move to electronic submission of Student-Initiated Connections (SIC).  (2009-2010 Ed Pol Annual Report)
  • Approved amendment to Faculty Legislation removing First Year Seminar from both Student-Initiated Connections and Faculty Connections. (Faculty Legislation: Part Two, X.E. 6a. (Fall 2010) (February 4, 2010, March 11, 2010, Ed Pol Minutes)
  •  Effective Fall 2010, a student may not propose a Student-Initiated Connection any later than the SIC deadline in their penultimate semester of study.  The proposal may include courses that will be completed in the last semester.  Effective with the class of 2011. (December 4, 2009, March 25, 2010, Ed Pol Minutes, approved at May 7, 2010 Faculty Meeting.)
  •  An Independent Study can be used for Student-Initiated Connections, provided that the student writes up a description of the study and compiles a reading list. (March 25, 2010 Ed Pol Minutes)
  •  Student-Initiated Connections proposals using courses that are in the same department but different areas will be allowed. (February 4, 2010, Ed Pol Minutes)
  •  Student-Initiated Connections proposals that link courses from outside the department and/or major but are required for a program within the department (i.e., Microeconomics and Calculus.) will be assessed on an individual basis by the faculty advisors and the Connections Subcommittee.  (February 4, 2010, Ed Pol Minutes)
  •  Students cannot use a course taken off campus for SIC credit. Transfer credit is not and has never been allowed for connections. (February 4, 2010, Ed Pol Minutes)
  • Half-credit courses as part of a Connection can be approved as long as the essays are well written and the materials and content of the course are worthwhile. (November 14, 2008, Ed Pol Minutes)
  • Student-Initiated Connections Proposals
    A student may propose a Connection by means of a form available through the Registrar’s Office.  If the relevant faculty sign their approval, the student should attach copies of the relevant syllabi and send the completed form and syllabi to the Educational Policy Committee (via the Provost’s Office) for review.  If approved, it will satisfy a Connections requirement for that student but not all students (for the latter the faculty themselves must go through the regular approval process).  The Educational Policy Committee will not normally approve a new Connection after the official drop date of the semester during which the student is taking the course that will complete the Connection. However, an exception to the rule is if the last course in a Connection is taken during the last semester at Wheaton. (2003-2004 Ed Pol Annual Report)
  • Students wishing to initiate a Connection with a visiting faculty member should ensure that the faculty member has sought departmental approval for the Connection prior to signing the student’s approval. (November 5, 2003 Ed Pol Minutes)
  • Student-initiated Connections must be registered prior to the drop date for the final course in the Connection (after this date, students would need to petition CAS for approval, except if the last course of a connection is taken during the last semester at Wheaton.)
  • Students may notify the Registrar’s Office of a completed Connection after the fact.  (October 22, 2003 Ed Pol Minutes) When Education Policy Committee approves a Student-Initiated Connection, it is the responsibility of the Chair of Ed Pol to notify the Registrar’s Office.

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