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Charge & responsibilities

Educational Policy Committee Charge (Faculty Legislation)

  • Observe the operation of established educational policy, formulate new policy when change seems desirable, and present new policies to the faculty for deliberation and decision.
  • Examine proposed changes in course offerings and in existing major and minor requirements, and approve such changes when they are consistent with established educational programs.
  • Proposals for addition or elimination of a new major will be considered by the committee and its recommendations will be brought to the faculty for a vote.
  • Other changes that may alter the educational program as a whole shall be referred to the faculty on the Committee’s recommendation.
  • Confer on educational policy with other committees, officers of the administration and trustees.
  • Assess the effects of any proposed change in the size or structure of an academic department or the department’s course offerings and major program.

Regular Business of the Committee – Course and Program Proposals

  • In order to balance the role of the Committee, “observing the operation of established educational policy”, and considering course and program proposals, the Committee has the discretion to make proposals the main business of a meeting once or twice a month, regularly evaluate goals and effectiveness of the curriculum subcommittees, as well as restructure and manage subcommittees (August 28, 2009, Ed Pol Minutes)
  • Because retention is critical, the Educational Policy Committee Chair will ask the Registrar for data on wait listing after each registration period to get a fuller picture of where problems are in access to classes. [September 25, 2009 Ed Pol Minutes]

Ongoing Priorities of the Committee in Consultation with Subcommittees

  • Connections – ensure design and approval of new connections and connections pedagogies. (April 22, 2010 Ed Pol Minutes)
  • Capstone – Collect information on the different forms the Capstone takes, and on the definition of shared learning outcomes at the level of the major and as a general Wheaton Curriculum Requirement. The Educational Policy Committee sees a need to re-examine the ways in which the college supports the different forms of the Capstone experience across single and multi-disciplinary programs of all different sizes. (April 22, 2010 Ed Pol Minutes)
  • Infusion – develop learning outcomes as well as assess infusion’s effects and the degree of its penetration across the curriculum. (April 22, 2010 Ed Pol Minutes)
  • Evaluation Plan –The Committee will continue in 2011-2012 with its review of goals and outcomes for the capstone requirement and will review data reports on all aspects of the curriculum. (April 22, 2010 Ed Pol Minutes)
  • Data Reports
    • Review annually data reports on aspects of the curriculum generated by the Registrar’s Office.
    • The data reports will first be reviewed by the Curriculum Evaluation Subcommittee and discussed with faculty whose responsibilities lie in that particular area of the curriculum.
    • Discussion of the data will help ensure consistent and regular attention to the general education curriculum.
    • Data reports will be available annually as follows:
      • Connections – October
      • Natural Science Requirement – December
      • Foreign Languages – March

      (June 1, 2010, Ed Pol Minutes, 2009-2010 Ed Pol Annual Report)

Administrative Support

  • The Provost’s Office is the official record holder for educational policy on the curriculum generated by the Committee.
  • The Executive Assistant to the Provost for Academic Initiatives will take minutes and provide general administrative support to the Chair.
  • The Executive Assistant to the Provost for Academic Initiatives will be the official record keeper of majors and minors, as well as the electronic keeper of current educational policies and procedures indices posted on the Provost’s Web page.
  • All Educational Policy Committee minutes and materials will be posted on an OnCourse site that is available to members of the Committee during meetings and throughout the year. This site will serve as an archive and will be maintained by the Executive Assistant to the Provost for Academic Initiatives.
  • The Executive Assistant to the Provost for Academic Initiatives will post all Educational Policy Committee Minutes on an OnSite Course site accessible to all faculty. (June 1, 2010, Ed Pol Minutes)
  • The Executive Assistant to the Provost for Academic Initiatives will provide support to the Subcommittee on Student-Initiated Connections Proposals, including scanning and uploading all S-I proposals to the subcommittee onCourse web site, providing approved S-I proposals to the Registrar, and assisting the Chair of the subcommittee in communicating with students.

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