Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Tim Barker

“The observatory on the roof of the Mars Center for Science and Technology is a dream come true—far beyond anything I could have imagined when I started teaching here in 1974. I have always told my students that we scientists share a faith that, although some of the mysteries of the universe may always remain opaque to us, the joy that we share in working together to explore these mysteries is central to what it means to be human. I’m deeply moved by the faith that the donors to this project have shown in us and in the generations that will follow us. Establishing an endowed fund for scientific equipment has been a joyful way for Gloria and me to acknowledge this generosity and to demonstrate our own faith in these future generations. Wheaton has been wonderful to me, to Gloria (who is Wheaton’s director of library services), and to our son, Jay Barker ’08, who had a transformative experience here. We are very grateful.”

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