Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Tierney Richardson

Why neuroscience: I came to Wheaton knowing I wanted to continue my education and become a Physician Assistant. I want to help people and I am planning on doing it in the health care field. Because of my plans I decided on neuroscience as my major. This allowed me to obtain a background in biology and psychology. I wanted to be able to understand why people, patients in particular, act and feel the way they do under different circumstances. Neuroscience gives me the opportunity to understand the driving force behind why people behave the way they do and how each person experiences things differently.

A new major: Being part of the first graduating class of the Neuroscience Major is great! I think it is awesome that we get to be a part of Wheaton history. Even though there are only a handful of us, we get to set the stage for the graduating classes to come and get to see how the program grows. My advisor, Professor Kirkpatrick is really enthusiastic about the subject and really brings neuroscience to life in her classes. I am truly looking forward to what this semester has to bring.

A new perspective: I was given the opportunity to study traditional Chinese medicine last summer in China with Professor Tong’s class and it really was an eye-opening experience that gave me a new perspective on patient care. There is a huge difference between treatment in western medicine and in traditional Chinese medicine and this class opened the door to a more holistic way of looking at healthcare.

Life as a scholar-athlete: Athletics at Wheaton has made my time here even better. The field hockey and swim teams are like extended families. The amount of time we spend together working toward common goals gives us tremendous satisfaction at the end of the day. Both teams are large commitments and both have taught me the importance of time management and proper planning. You never know what’s going to happen if your goggles break before a race or you get bad refs at a game. It’s best to just be prepared for everything and not let it get you down.