Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Tessie Snow

By Amanda-Joy Febles ’12

Major interest. I am a history major and music and sociology minor.  I love how the study of people and their social situations can be studied over time and how you can look at how history affects social situations and vice versa.

What I did last summer. I worked at Minute Man National Historical Park, a national park founded in 1949 to help teach the public about and preserve the area where the American Revolution began. It includes sites like the North Bridge, the Harwell Tavern and the Wayside, among other things. My favorite time period in American history is the colonial era leading up to the American Revolution, so this job perfectly fit what I am most interested in.

Tough Lady. I dressed up in colonial attire as an 18th century, farmer’s wife, and I fired the model 1775 musket.  Shooting the musket was so beyond what I thought I would ever do and it was fun. It impressed people a lot! Little kids would come running up afterward, asking to touch the musket and what it was like to shoot it.

Dangerous? At the park, we used blanks, meaning there was only black powder in the paper cartridge. 

More than a job? I learned so much historical information, but I also learned a lot about public relations and public speaking. I was really nervous about giving my first talk, but eventually I became so fluid with my talks that I could convey the information as a story,

Dream dinner date. One person I’ve always been interested in is Benjamin Franklin. He was such an innovator for his time and I feel like so many of his ideas brought about importance when founding our country He was so smart and we still quote him so much today, I would be interested in hearing what he has to say.