Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Stephanie Gerard

Stephanie Gerard leveraged her Wheaton education and internship experience into a summer-long position assisting the president of Boston’s City Council. She talks about her journey.

The agenda. There is so much to learn and so many people to meet here at city hall. I hope to learn how to deal with the many constituents’ demands. I wish to sharpen my political vocabulary. And while I am here I will continue to network in hopes of getting a permanent position.

Getting the job. One thing that I have been proactive about through my college experience is networking. I met one of Boston’s City Councilors who offered me an internship in his office the summer after my freshman year. That led to an internship the following summer in Senator Kerry’s Washington, D.C. office. Finally, one day just two weeks after graduation, Michael Ross, the president of Boston’s City Council, offered me a summer position in his office.

Political mission. I have always dreamed of pursuing a career where I could improve people’s lives, in a meaningful and long-lasting way. So I knew that the realm of politics was the right path to take. Additionally,  as a daughter to an immigrant family, I have been a believer of the American Dream. Growing up being exposed to different cultural lifestyles (American –school and Haitian – home) I grew up with an appreciation for cultural variety.

Perfect opportunity. This position keeps me on my toes, and there are so many people to meet here. I love this position because this level of government keeps  me close to the people. I love getting constituent calls, and fulfilling their request. It’s a great feeling to make life a little bit easier for some one.

Wheaton background. I  worked for Elizabeth Hallowell, associate director of the Filene Center for Academic Advising and Career Services. Working with Elizabeth completed my college experience and my preparation for the real world. I am not only knowledgeable about my major but I also have the tools to thrive in the workplace. To be the first in my family to graduate from college is an extraordinary accomplishment and to have these extra perks are more than words can explain.