Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Shannon Coco

Activities? Wheaton Whims, Chorale, Chamber Singers, World Music Ensemble, Norton Youth Theatre, Honor Code Commission, Programming Council, and working for the Anthropology Department and Admissions.

Why Wheaton? The people. I love walking to class or to the dining hall and seeing familiar faces.  Students at Wheaton are very involved outside of the classroom, so it is great to go to sporting events and concerts to support friends while exposing yourself to new things.  The Professors and students come from a wide variety of backgrounds making classroom discussions and outlooks on the world all the more interesting and diverse.

Favorite class/professor? My favorite class so far has been World Music: Eurasia with Professor Julie Searles.  Combining my love of music with cultures, the class studied music from Ireland, Bulgaria, India, and Indonesia.  We had visiting artists come in to perform fiddle music and Irish step dance, Wayang puppetry from Indonesia and more.  We also got to go to the ICONS Irish music and arts festival, which featured artists whose music we have performed in the Word Music Ensemble.  Our final product was to research a musical tradition that interested us, so I chose to study my a capella group on campus, the Whims!

Most thrilling adventure?
I was a January freshman at Wheaton, so I spent my first semester of college at the National University of Ireland in Maynooth, Co. Kildare. My mom is from Ireland, so I went home on the weekends to see family. I worked at the Laois School of Music and at my uncle’s bookstore for the experience and in order to support myself while I was there.  I learned a great deal about myself during my time there, became very independent, and definitely grew as a person.