Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Padric Gleason

What now? I was accepted to the Mountbatten Institute’s London Internship Programme. It’s a 12-month internship at a multi-national corporation in London and study toward an MBA in International Business Practice (accredited by St. Mary’s University College). Then, after that, I will complete four months full-time study in Bangkok Thailand, at the graduate training center at Naresuan University. If all goes as planned, I will earn an MBA in about 16-18 months.

Getting there. I first read about the Mountbatten Institute in an email from the Filene Center (for Academic Advising and Career Services), which listed various internships and job opportunities for seniors.

The pull. What attracted me to the Mountbatten Institute was their emphasis on intercultural understanding and experiential learning. I expect to learn a lot about corporate culture and the business world, gain exposure to the “real world” of international business. I’ll also learn about British and Thai culture through my residency abroad.

Looking ahead. I’m extremely excited about Mountbatten, not just because I’ll be continuing my education toward a Master’s degree, but also because I’ll also get a second study abroad experience. I’ll be working full time for a multinational company in one of the world’s largest financial centers, and THEN I get to study in Bangkok, Thailand. I’m hoping to use my MBA toward a career in corporate social responsibility or nonprofit management.

The connection. International Relations aren’t just about global politics. At Wheaton I studied international economics, trade, banking, etc. I worked abroad in Istanbul for the Robert College Summer Program, and I studied in Cordoba, Spain and in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was also a member of the Intercultural Executive Board during my senior year. All of this has prepared me well for a program that fuses interculturalism, business work and study.